Unique bag. Wooden box-bag. Shoulder bag in Boho style.

This is a box-bag on a plastic base. The bag consists of a durable plastic frame which keeps its shape rigid. The bag is sewn from the outside with light veneer on top of which there's a grid made of brown and beige wooden parts. The bottom of the bag is covered with leather. The inside part of the cover is made of light veneer and along the edges it is decorated with lace braid. The handle is long enough to be worn on the shoulder, and has a wider area in the middle to help reduce some of the pressure on the shoulder. The lining inside the bag is made of white artificial silk.

There are to models of this bag:
Model 1
is covered with a wooden grid on all sides. The bag is shut using velcro tape, and on the outside of the top cover there's a large decorative wooden button. The length of the handle is 102 cm
Model 2
has it's sides covered with lacing instead of a wooden mesh. The bag is shut using a hook. The long handle is decorated with wooden beads and buttons. The length of the handle is 117 cm

In this bag everything is close to hand. The keys are fastened to a carbine which hangs on a strap from the handle. All the necessary things like the wallet, phone, sunglasses and a large shopping bag can all easily fit in without rolling over each other. This way the order with the bag is always maintained.

Height 16.5 cm
Width 17 cm
Depth 8 cm

Delivery time in most countries is around 15-21 days, except in pandemic emergency situations.

Unique bag. Wooden box-bag. Shoulder bag in Boho style.


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