Sticker for restroom door and shower

Stylish, symbolic stickers that anyone will understand. Such stickers could be used: in homes, offices, private businesses and so on. These symbolic pictures will help your guests or clients navigate easily inside a new place, and you wouldn’t have to conduct a "layout tour" of the home or office. They are attached using a double-sided mounting tape which is easily removed and doesn't ruin the door. When doing repairs or relocating you'll only need to replace the old mounting tape. You can use the stickers individually - only for the restroom or only for the shower room. You can choose from a variety of veneer colors, so that it'll contrast with the color of your door.
These stickers would suit everyone all over the world.
Dimensions 14x14 cm

Delivery time in most countries is around 15-21 days, except in pandemic emergency situations.

Sticker for restroom door and shower


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