MINI Set of Bathroom - MINI Sheep and Lamb for toilet paper rolls

SHEEP-shelf - a toilet paper storage for a large number of rolls.
This shelf allows you to place in an easy and joyful way an entire package of toilet paper (7 -10 rolls) on a wall, freeing up some precious square feet.
You get a part in creating the sheep's image by choosing where to place the head and feet stickers.
By buying this shelf, you are involved in improving the environment, as it is made of industrial waste.
This shelf is a good gift for the new year, house-warming party and for a good mood on any year in general.

Description of the complete set and how to install:

ATTENTION: DO NOT DISPOSE THE PACKAGE UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED INSTALLATION OF THE SHELF, as the plastic shelf is part of the packaging in which you receive the prolduct. It has a protective film on it which has my inscription "Shelf".

 Shelf made of a transparent flexible plastic - an arc which hangs on two hooks which face each other, the distance between which is - 34 cm (the distance is recommended, but may be less) and the sheep's head 9.5 cm
Shelf depth is - 10 cm.
I have a video that shows the installation process here:

LAMB - funny toilet roll holder

The product consists of:
1) Roll holder made of a hard plastic (two pats) and double sided mounting tape.
These parts are pasted depending on the width of your roll of toilet paper.
For safety, it is recommended to mount the product with screws if used in a room with painted walls.
2) A head and pair of legs stickers made of hardwood veneer.

All parts are easily attached to a wall with a special kind of double sided mounting tape located on each one of the product’s details.

You are buying a product that was created and sold only by me, so your positive feedback is especially important to me. However, if you did not like my product, then I will always gladly accept the return of the goods in accordance with the Store Rules. You just need to write to me and tell me the tracking number for your parcel.

Delivery time in most countries is around 15-21 days, except in pandemic emergency situations.

MINI Set of Bathroom - MINI Sheep and Lamb for toilet paper rolls


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