Children's night light - Lamb.

Wall night light in the form of Lamb.
This night light is not so much shining as much as it is banishing all of the child's fears and befriends everybody.
You get the opportunity together with your child to participate in creating the image of the Lamb by selecting how to position the legs and head stickers.

These Lamb would serve as great decorations for the kid's room and as good gifts for parents and children.

The set which employs a fluorescent light bulb consists of:

1) Night light (the light bulb is not included but it needs to be an energy-efficient fluorescent light bulb or one which uses less than 25W).
2) Cover - a plastic cylinder mesh covered with a cotton rug.
(Dimensions: 13.5 cm diameter, 15 cm length)
3) Screws with dowels for mounting to a wall.
4) Veneer stickers with double-sided mounting tape:
(Dimensions: the sLamb's head is 6.5 x5.5 cm and the legs are 5.5 cm long)

By buying this product you help to improve the environment since it is made out of industrial wood waste

Delivery time in most countries is around 15-21 days, except in pandemic emergency situations.


Children's night light - Lamb.


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