Donkey with a basket Funny Wall Organizer, Handmade Wooden

Donkey with baggage - this is a charming and functional basket for storing various small things that gets attached to a wall.
Inside the basket you can put: Salt shaker and pepper shaker, pencils, crayons, cosmetics or toothbrushes with toothpaste, creams, etc.
The donkey would look great above a dinner table, working desk as well as above a dressing table, in the bathroom, the nursery or in the kitchen. He would come to assist you in any corner of your home.

The kit consists of:
1) Veneer stickers (head, body, 4 legs)
2) A small basket of plastic with salt shaker and pepper shaker/ big basket of plastic.
All of the parts have double sided mounting tape on them. This way you don't have to drill holes in your wall.

Dimensions Donkey with a basket 20 x 19 cm

By purchasing this donkey, you won't only enhance the interior of your house, but help the environment as well since the materials used to create this product are industrial leftovers.

Delivery time in most countries is around 15-21 days, except in pandemic emergency situations.

Donkey with a basket Funny Wall Organizer, Handmade Wooden


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